Board Governance

Executive Meetings in part, perpare material for the following board meetings. Executive meetings are for the executive only, or by invitation.

All members are encouraged to attend our Board Meetings. The Board directs the future of our congregation in many ways. 

Board meeting are usually on the second Wednesday of the month at 8pm. You may check our calendar for the next one.

Minutes of Board meetings should get approved at the following meeting. The minutes are then available for members of the congregation to see. The minutes are kept in a binder, in our synagogue office.

Shaarei-Beth El Board of Directors Meeting – AGENDA

The agenda nomally covers the following items. There can be reports from other committee. At times, special guests make presentations.

  • Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
  • D’Var Torah
  • Executive Committee
  • House & Property
  • Rabbi’s Report
  • Communications
  • Education Committee
  • Membership
  • Finance Committee
  • New Business