Conversion – Becoming Jewish

Shaarei- Beth El is a sacred space for Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and interfaith families. We embody the value of audacious hospitality and welcome you into our home, to be part of the family.

The conversion process here entails a period of spiritual, textual, and practical learning. The prospective convert studies about Judaism through our Jewish Information Class, participates in the life of the synagogue, and develops and deepens his or her personal commitment and relationship with God, Torah, and the Jewish people.  It culminates with milah – (circumcision for adult males), a meeting of our Beit Din (rabbinic court) and immersion in the mikvah (holy waters).

Conversion is a challenging and powerful process. While it requires strong dedication and soul-searching, the results are extraordinary. To help you learn more about the conversion process please contact Rabbi Wise to discuss your options.

Information on conversion from the Union for Reform Judaism

Becoming Jewish