Introduced a New Hebrew Curriculum – Mitkadem [Sept. 2010]

SBE Religious School is excited to have implemented a new Hebrew curriculum, this past fall called Mitkadem. Mitkadem is unique because it was created to address, in a realistic way, the challenges of teaching Hebrew within the congregational school setting. These challenges include:

  • frequent absenteeism
  • late enrolment and new students enrolling in older grades
  • varying levels of motivation and ability within the classroom
  • diverse experience and commitment of Jewish practice at home
  • limited hours at a difficult time of day for learning
  • different abilities and capabilities of our Hebrew teachers

Mitkadem is an exciting Hebrew curriculum that has generated enthusiasm and excitement from teachers, students and parents. Students learn to read Hebrew and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they progress through a series of well-organized, stimulating, and self-paced levels.

Mitkadem’s self-paced and child-centered approach allows each student to achieve according to his/her own ability, so learning challenged students and frequent absentees feel successful as well as those students who are very motivated and catch on quickly.

In addition, we will begin the introduction of the letters and vowels in the 1st and 2nd grade class. Therefore when students begin third grade, they will have already acquired the phonetic decoding skills to begin the Mitkadem program.

We look forward to making the teaching and learning of Hebrew a more hands on and interactive experience.

The Religious component of our school, promotes involvement in services. Each level takes turns at leading services during the year.

To help build a stronger Jewish family life, there are special programs during the year. One example is “Bedtime Rituals“. Students and parents, together made special pillow cases. Stensils were created for students’ Hebrew names. The Sh’ma was ironed on. Additional decorations were added.