Kosher Guidelines

Kosher Food Guidelines



 As of December 2008


  • Pork
  • Shellfish or other non-kosher fish
  • Anything containing lard or gelatin
  • Only strictly kosher meat can be used.
  • Meat and dairy products cannot be used together in one meal.

ACCEPTABLE CONTAINERS for food to be made in and brought from home:

  • Sterilized glass baking dishes
  • Disposable foil containers
  • Disposable aluminum foil baking dishes and cookie sheets

(*When made in these containers and brought into the synagogue, they may be removed and put into the synagogue’s dishes, according to milchik and fleishik – dairy & meat – regulations.)

  • Baked goods can be made at home and served at Synagogue as long as butter or vegetable shortening is used (Lard is not allowed).
  • Fruit and vegetable platters prepared at home are permitted.
  • Dips and salad dressings must be dairy or parve.
  • Vegetarian lasagna is permitted.
  • Only frozen supermarket vegetarian pizza is allowed.

× Please be sensitive to the ingredients being used.

When in doubt-leave it out – or consult the Rabbi.

Allergy Awareness

Food allergies are on the rise and many people [most of them children] that spend time in our synagogue building suffer from life-threatening food allergies. While a person can be allergic to any food at all, the most prevalent allergens that affect our congregation are peanuts and tree nuts [examples: walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, etc.]. Some people are so highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts that they react to even the smell; airborne particles; or residues left on surfaces. In an effort to help keep food-allergic people safe, the following motion was passed at our AGM on December 7, 2008: “We request that all food brought into the synagogue contain no peanut / tree nut ingredients.” Your understanding and cooperation in this important health and safety matter are very much appreciated.