Religious School

SBE Religious School

Shaarei-Beth El’s Religious School curriculum builds a foundation of knowledge in the areas of Jewish studies, prayer [tefila], and Hebrew language.  We strongly encourage parents to enroll children in Parent and Tot and look forward to students continuing through graduation in Grade 12.  High School students may enhance their Jewish learning by participating in our active synagogue youth group, serving as teacher assistants in the school, or learning together in our Upper School program.

Goals for Shaarei-Beth El’s Religious School:

  • To work in partnership with parents and families to create a positive Jewish identity in each child.
  • To enable students to see themselves as maturing members of the local, national, and international Jewish communities with all the joys and responsibilities that status implies.
  • To introduce students to the wisdom and values contained in our vast Jewish tradition as the foundation for a lifetime of Jewish learning.
  • To introduce students to Hebrew as the language of the Jewish people and to develop basic reading and comprehension skills.

During 2009 in the Religious School, we introduced a Home Hebrew Reading program for our JK-7th Grade students. Students were given the choice as to whether or not they wanted to participate by agreeing to read assigned Hebrew lines at home for 5 minutes a day five days a week. Students received a 5 X 5 sheet that was signed by a parent on each reading day and was returned to the office at the completion of a month of reading. Students who completed the program were rewarded with a gift from the Religious School.