Youth Programming

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Youth programs are fun and exciting!

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Our family of programs for ages 8 to 26 include NFTY teen programming, URJ Camps, Israel travel experiences and social justice programming at the Religious Action Center.

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Ready to start planning the best Jewish summer experience for your child? The URJ Camps and Israel Programs are already planning for the summer of 2013! With high-caliber facilities, engaging programming, and a thoughtful and caring staff, we’ve been a vital part of the lives of tens of thousands of children for nearly six decades. Learn about session dates, program offerings, and request more information at our website.

Youth Groups Are Worth the Fight

Yes, your child has been playing on the same soccer team since the second grade. Yes, school, homework and grades are important. Yes, sports, drama and clubs look good on college applications. So where does youth group or camp fit into this equation?

Teaching Assistant Program

Being a Teacher’s Assistant means so much more than distributing juice and cookies!  All students considering working as classroom Teaching Assistants are invited to join our religious school on Sunday mornings to help them to take on this role with great confidence and skill. Your time spent with us on Sunday mornings will include both a hands on and learning experience.  We will tackle issues such as: lesson planning; creating a positive classroom atmosphere; helping children with learning differences and teaching Hebrew in fun and effective ways. 

Shabbat and Family Programming

“To educate a child without educating and involving the parents and the entire family can be compared to heating a house while leaving the window open.”- Mordecai Kaplan

All of our students and families have the opportunity to come together Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and/or Sunday mornings to explore different facets of Judaism using informal educational methods.  Grandparents and other adult family members are invited to attend should parents be unavailable to participate.